Friday, June 10, 2011

Sigma Beauty: Cleansing & Polishing Tool

I ordered the new cleansing & polishing tool by Sigma Beauty on May 31th and it arrived today.I am so excited to try this out and I have already heard that people are loving this product. The tool comes with three brush heads carefully designed to exfoliate and polish the skin.

I love the packaging. Its so cute, girly and PINK. Im such a sucker for pink haha, its my favorite color :) I have heard that Sigma's beauty tool is just as good as The Clarisonic Mia which is around $150. This is only $39, you cant beat that price :) Im going to try this out before i go to bed, and I will be doing a review soon :)

Have you tried this new beauty tool by Sigma Beauty?
Love Christine


  1. I really want to try this :)

  2. I love the packaging! I hope it works out well!
    I love your blog, btw. So colorful!
    come check out my feature! ;)
    (would love to follow each other!)

  3. Hello Christine!

    Wow u lucky girl...Do review it soon :)

  4. Må kjøpe meg en slik snart! Elsker fargen på den :)

  5. Looking forward to the review! I really want to get it to... but first wanna know if it's any good;)
    xxx Elle

  6. So cute!
    When I saw it, I really wanted to get it.
    Keep us updated on how it is for you. ^_^
    Oh & we have the same name! Hehe~ ^_^

  7. It looks SO cute in it's packaging! I'm a rtotal sucker for anything pink too! <3 Really can't wait to hear more about it from you sweetheart! Love Britt xxx

  8. This looks amazing:)
    i want to see the revieuw!
    love this kinda posts

    New outfit post

  9. let me know how it is.. i just ordered Clarisonic!

  10. Spent på å høre hva du synes om denne :) Har vurdert å kjøpe den selv, men har ikke kommet så langt!


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