Saturday, June 18, 2011

Heavy Duty Concealer by Hard Candy

I finally got this concealer by Hard Candy that i have been hearing so many good things about. Everybody rave about this product, so i thought why not give it a try. I have been looking for the perfect concealer and this might be it :)

I bought the lightest shade, you can get this in medium and tan aswell. You also get a little concealer pencil which is perfect to cover up small spots on the face. Im going to do a full review on this product, so stay tuned for that if you want to know more about this product :)

Have you tried this concealer before?
If yes: do you like it or hate it? :)

Love Christine♥


  1. haven't tried it yet. where did you bought it? :)

  2. I bought this a couple of weeks ago but haven't tried it yet!

  3. i really want to try this, i've yet to find it though!

  4. Gleder meg til å høre hva du synes om denne :)


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