Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: Concealer by H&M

My opinion about the product:
This concealer by H&M has been one of my holy grail products for months now and I find it to be a very good product. H&M has a huge range of beauty and makeup products for great prices. This concealer retails for around $7 and you get 4ml of product.

I use this to cover up my dark under eye circles, i think it works wonders for that and it also makes my eyes look more awake. I have a few concealers that can look cakey if I put on too much on, but this is quite buildable and doesn't look cakey which is great. I love the concealer brush, it makes it more easier to control how much product you want to use.

The only down part about this concealer is that it only comes in one shade which means that this is not a concealer for everyone. If you have light skin like me, this will probably work for you. I think im on my 4th bottle already, so im quite pleased with this concealer. You should definitely try this if you have the opportunity, its a great and affordable product. You can find this concealer in your local H&M store :)

Rating: 4/5

Which concealer are you using? :)
Love Christine


  1. sounds pretty good, I'm always looking for a new concealer. Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. sounds wonderful :) thanks for sharing this! Must get this

  3. I am using Witch concealer which also fights spots, so it's like one in two deal. ;) X

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  4. I like it, but I prefer the Studio Sculpt by MAC

  5. Great Review Hun!

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  6. great review sweetie,woulda loved to try it but am a brown gal hehe

  7. I've been curious about their make up products actually but this is the first time I've heard someone loving them! Thanks for sharing! I might have to check them out =)

  8. I never know H&M made a concealer! I am always on the look for a good concealer:)

  9. Tror det finnes flere farger å velge mellom. Er ganske sikker på det egentlig :) Stod nemlig å så på disse på h & M her i Bergen, men visste ikke hvilken farge eg skulle velge :)


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