Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dupes: Angel & Classy

Angel and Classy are two lipsticks that are extremely similar to each other. Angel by MAC is $14.50 while Classy by Elf is only $1.

MAC Cosmetics - Angel

Elf Cosmetics - Classy

♥ Angel & Classy

The quality of the lipsticks are good and they do last a while. The only thing i dont like about Classy is the packaging, its cheap but that does not mean that the product itself is bad. These two lipsticks look exactly the same on my lips and I think that they both are great neutral lipsticks.

If you are a bargain hunter, you should definitely check out Elf Cosmetics, they have a great selection of colors. You also get 14 lipsticks for the price of just 1 MAC lipstick, dont think you can beat that anywhere :)

What do you think about these type of posts?
Love Christine


  1. wow they do look identical! good spot!

  2. oh my, that's pretty good. this is great for those who are frugal and on-a budget mode...

  3. Woww both the shades are lovely!!! Thanks for sharing honey <3

  4. amazing!
    i love angel i wear it alot so this is awesome that elf has a dupe great post!!!

  5. ahhh i will try the Elf brand first before moving to MAC ;)


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