Sunday, June 26, 2011

MAC Cosmetics: Sized To Go

In travel, small has a virtue that goes beyond size. It's mandatory! Fix +, Cleanse Off Oil, Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil, Pro Eye Makeup Remover, Demi-Wipes, Studio Moisture Cream, Strobe Cream, Green Gel Cleanser and Oil Control Lotion - everything you need to keep your skin cleansed, refreshed and hydrated.

♥ Fix + $10
♥ Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil $10
♥ Cleanse Off Oil $10
♥ Pro Eye Makeup Remover $10
♥ Demi-Wipes $15
♥ Oil Control Lotion $15
♥ Green Gel Cleanser $10
♥ Strobe Cream $15
♥ Studio Moisture Cream $15

MAC has launched these mini skincare products which I personally think is perfect if you are curious about trying out their skincare line. The prices are not that bad and its also a great way to try out new products or try out products you have been wanting to try but thought was too expensive. I really like the size of these products, it makes it so much easier to take all your favorite skincare products with you if you are going travelling. I definitely want to pick up a few of these products, I really want to try the Fix +, been wanting to get that for quite some time now :)

What do you think about MAC' new launch?
Are you planning on getting any of these mini products? :)
Love Christine ♥


  1. In all honesty, I love everything travel or mini sized, no matter what the purpose of it. I'm disturbed like that :P

  2. i love the brand mac!
    its such an amaazing brand!
    thanks for saying:)

    New outfit post ; Blue blue sky!


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