Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wishlist: Jade Is The New Black By OPI

I love OPI, i think their nail polishes are really good and they have such good range off colors to chose from. What i also like about OPI is the names off their nail polishes. They always sound so cute and adorable :)

This green color is really pretty, definitely a color i would wear a lot. Im going to look for this online, hopefully i will find it :)
Picture Source

What do you think about this color? :)
Xoxo Christine


  1. I love that color!! I will have to keep my eye open for that one! I just painted my nails in Done out in Deco what I love the best about Opi is the wear they barely chip!

  2. I love that colooooooor !! is amazing! I actually love all colors hahahahh I mean when they are OPI! hahahahah sweetie! how did u made your pictures to look perfect size in the layout? I am trying all of them and my pictures look horrible !! :( help me !:) hahah

    And I will post a picture with my shoe closet :D! thanks hun !
    Bye XO !

  3. This color is amazing!! so cool!!! thank you darling for visiting our blog!! we follow you!! kisses Silvia and Chiara


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