Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gisele Bunchen For H&M

Have you guys seen this collection by Gisele Bunchen for H&M? I love this collection so much, the clothes are so beautiful and so perfect for spring and summer. I really want to order everything in the pictures, but that dress (third picture) is a must have, just look how beautiful it is. Im definitely ordering the dress, the oversized top and maybe the shoes too, i really like those :)

Picture Source

Anything from this collection that you want? :)
Xoxo Christine


  1. hey :) sorry I was MIA on the blog, hope everything's going fine for you. I still remember the shout-out, just gimme some time ^_^

  2. So pretty! Too bad we can't order online here in the states :( Everything flies of the shelves here I really love the romper and that white top!

  3. what?! oh wow. she looks great though!!

  4. YAY thank you so much Christine :D Looking forward to see them :D

  5. haven't seen this collection yet. i will be going to h&m for the first time next week. super excited!!

  6. I saw that third dress today and I thought of you !! that's so weird I thought a really skinny girl like Chris would look amazing in this dress !!! you should get it its only 19.99 and it has your name all over it hun

  7. Wow, I'm definitely going to H&M soon. The clothes look so breezy and perfect for spring!

  8. Gisele is doing great work, she's such a beauty! I love the first pic in which she's wearing the jumpsuit.


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