Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love Rings

I wanted to show you these four rings that i bought in Phuket. I love rings and i love to collect them. Im looking for something smart to store them in, do you have any suggestions? :)

Look at this adorable little bag the rings came in, it says thank you and it got hearts, stars and flowers, so cute :)

Here are the four rings that i picked up. I love them all but my favorites has to be the pink and blue one, really pretty rings.

I love rings in different colors :)

How do you collect your rings?
Which one is your favorite? :)
Xoxo Christine


  1. Aw, I love the bag as well! The rings are adorable too. Great for Spring!!

  2. I have to agree the pink and blue ones are my favourite too!
    Nice Post.x

  3. My favorite ring at the moment is a bow ring, super cute! Love all the ones you bought too :)

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    Charlene xxxx
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  4. so pretty & I have to agree w/ you the blue and pink one stand out :D xxx

  5. the rings are super cute! i don't have a creative way of sotring them. i just store them in a cute bowl. haha.

  6. Those are lovely!! I love all of them!! I also collect rings!! :] They are so fun, and can really make an outfit pop!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! Like them all! :D

    sv; tusen takk for kommentar! :D Håper du får en fin dag :)

  8. those are adorable...sometimes bags are like the best part of a purchase, haha!! at least a more fun part =)

  9. They are gorgeous. I love to collect rings too, I have way too many!
    I voted in your poll :)

  10. Love the orange!

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  11. this is great!xx


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