Monday, March 28, 2011

Favorite Products: MAC Cosmetics Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

In these type of posts i will show you my favorite products, the products i tend to reach for the most when i do my makeup. Thank you Dyna for your suggestion, i think this is going to be really fun :)

MAC Cosmetics Oh So Fair Beauty Powder:

I won this beauty powder by MAC Cosmetics in a giveaway and i have been using it everyday since i got it. This is from MAC Cosmetics's Disney Collection which i love and adore, look how cute the packaging is. This is such a beautiful and natural blush color that gives a hint of pink color to the face without looking like too much.

This blush looks really beautiful on fair skin tones.

I really like how this blush looks :)

What do you think about these type of posts?
And what do you think about the beauty powder? :)

Xoxo Christine


  1. the blush looks FANTABULISTIC on you dahhhrlingggg beauty

  2. love your page. could you please check out mine doll :))

  3. Love the idea for the post and love the look of the powder on you :)

  4. It's such a great colour on you and I love the packaging :) thank you for stopping by my Blog :)

    Love, Vanilla

  5. Yes, you're right: this beauty powder looks so beautiful on your cheeks. I think I should try it! Isn't it very expensive? To tell the truth I haven't got any MAC products, because I think they cost too much.
    But it looks so good and I really want to try it! Maybe I'll check it @ the nearest MAC store this week. :)
    Thanks for this post!!

  6. definitely love reading these kinds of posts <3! please do more 'favourites' posts haha! I wish i can do some but i've got so many things to try and rotate =_=

  7. First of all, I really love this post, I think you should do more of your 'favourite products' and second I absolutely love the blush as well! I remmber some one mentioned that its not that pigmented, but I think in some way it is good since its a beauty powder its not suppose to give so much away unlike Blushers. I just love how soft the powder comes on to the skin and it smells nice too! :D You look great here hun! x

  8. That blush is awesome. I love the packaging as well. What a great win!


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