Monday, March 21, 2011

Nail Polish Remover

My current nail polish remover, is this one by H&M. I like this product but i want to try something new. Im looking for a product that removes glitter nail polishes without any problems. I recently bought a lot of glitter nail polishes from the Burlesque Collection (haul is coming soon), but i haven't used them yet because this product takes forever to remove it.

I have heard that Zoya's nail polish remover is a really good product and it removes glitter nail polishes easy. If you have tried Zoya's nail polish remover, please let me know if its worth the money?

Xoxo Christine


  1. If I come to Norway , I will bring one local of Pakistan for u .. from Medora .. That works best !

  2. hey hun :D I have another brand new one if you want to, I'm lucky enough to finish one tube [if I will ever manage haha] so I will gladly ship it to you if you want to :) let me know hun :) xxx

  3. Yes of course :D I have the opened one anyway to enjoy haha :D just facebook me with your address if that's ok with you and I'll try to ship it sometime this week :D xxxx


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