Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Victoria's Secret - Vanilla Lace

I love this body spray by Victoria's Secret called Vanilla Lace.
This is my very first body spray by VS and i have to say that im very impressed with it, didn't think that it would smell as good as it does. I have always been a big fan of vanilla scented products such as body butters, perfumes and body sprays. They make me feel really fresh and relaxed :)

I wish we had a Victoria's Secret store here in Norway, then i would buy another one and probably a few of the other sprays just to try them out. This is perfect to throw in your handbag. I always carry a perfume or a body spray with me, never know when i might need it. :)

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Have you tried any of Victoria's Secret sprays before?
Which one is your favorite? :)
Xoxo Christine


  1. Oh I love vanilla scented products too :) this seems very nice.

  2. this sounds great,think may have seen this in my local hairshops not sure but will check it out. thanx for sharing sweetie

  3. I do love vanilla scented products too especially if they're body lotions :) I'm new to your blog loving it!

    Carla :))

  4. I've smelled it before and it smells delicious! I'll check out your giveaway and I'll promote it on my blog.

  5. Gosh Im so jealous, I have some stuff from VC,,, And im so in love with their products ... I wish we had one VC store in sweden

  6. Sounds cool, but there's no VS stuff here :/ I love vanilla! ^-^

    Thank you for commenting on my blog!And I have to say thank you for the amazing giveaway :) I'm glad you like NYX bases/JEPs too:)) xo

  7. My favourite has always been Lovespell, but also love anything vanilla or coconut. B&BW makes a great coconut body spray too!

  8. I can totally smell it from Seriously though, I can imagine how good it smells. Haven't tried any of their body sprays but really like the eyeshadows I have bought from the company.

  9. hey hunny.. My two absolute favourites are these:

    and these: - the first ones

    but you can hit the "falsies" labels to see all of the ones I have and you can see them on too xD

  10. Love vanilla scent, I will definitly have to smell this one next time I am there =)

  11. oh, vanilla is also my favorite. i love vs vanilla lace and bath and body works warm vanilla sugar (you should try this one too!!! :)). x


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