Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elf Cosmetics, New Nail Polishes

Elf Cosmetics has finally released a few new nail polishes on their website. They have just arrived on the Norwegian site, so i have ordered all of them and a few more items that i have been wanting to try out.

Its been a while since i have ordered from Elf Cosmetics. Just been waiting for something new to arrive :)


Teal Blue:

Dark Glitter Purple:

These colors look really pretty, cant wait to recieve it in the mail. Hopefully the package will be waiting for me when i get home. I also won my second giveaway, woohoo :)

Do you have any of these nail polishes?
Xoxo Christine


  1. Pretty colors, I'm so eager to try them. I don't have them yet. Can't wait for your swatches. XXX

  2. these colours are so pretty,cant wait to see NOTD with them sweetie,dont own anythn from Elf lol

  3. Hey hun :)

    i've tagged you in my post, do it if you like but don't feel pressured to do tags!


  4. WOW I am really starting to LOVE ELf..thanks to the lovely EMilie for the introduction to that product!!!



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