Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hey Guys :)
We are officially in Phuket, its really beautiful here. We are staying here for 10 days before we leave back to Norway. Hopefully i will get a nice tan before im going home :)

We are staying at the Sugarpalm Resort, which is a gorgeous and huge hotel.
The internet is really bad, it wont let me upload pictures, but tomorrow we are changing our room, hopefully the internet will be better ( we are getting a room higher up) Maybe then i can show you lots of pictures.

I managed to upload this one picture from our hotel room. The rooms are black and purple, really pretty and so big. Tomorrow we are going down to the beach, its only minutes away.

xoxo Christine


  1. Enjoy your holiday! Wish I could be there!! It's so cold in Hungary...
    Can't wait your photos about your Holiday!

  2. wow your always traveling thats so cool. hope u have a great time and take lots of pictures

  3. Ahhh the internet in Phuket drove me insane. I stayed at the Merlin Beach Resort. Absolutely magnificent. Are you going to Phi Phi island or anything like that?? We did it all! It was the holiday of a lifetime :)

    Enjoy xx

  4. The beach is my fave place. Have a great time! Thanks for sharing

  5. enjoy your time there :D

    since you like hello kitty, you might wanna check out my hello kitty giveaway, haha!! xoxo

  6. Good blog: You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned:)


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