Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paradiso Boutique Suites

Hey Guys :)

We are finally in Bangkok after a long day of travelling. I am so tired, cant wait to get some sleep, but i wanted to update you a little first and let you know that we arrived safely. Just he fligh to Bangkok took 10 hours, so we have been travelling for 23 hours, pretty exhausted haha!

I wanted to share these hotel pictures with you. The hotel we are staying at is called Paradiso Boutique Suites, a very pretty hotel.

We are only starying here a few days, then we are off to Phuket.

As you can see, i brought too much with me on this trip haha but no worries. Im going to buy a big bag and take it with me as my hand luggage when we are going back home.

Tomorrow we are going shopping, cant wait to see which stores they have here :)

Hope that you are doing well :)
Xoxo Christine


  1. Glad you made it there safely! The hotel does look very nice indeed! Enjoy your trip ( and the warm weather) !!


  2. glad u had a safe trip sweetie,please do get some rest

  3. glad to see your trip was safe :)! have fun!!


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