Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Must Have In Your Handbag

Thought i should share one of my favorite things with you guys.
For you that dont know what this is, its the famous after party shoe by redfoot.

These shoes from redfoot are specially designed to give comport and relief from the pain of wearing heels.
These shoes are perfect for any occasion and durable enough to wear all day long.
And they also come in a little bag that fits perfect in your handbag.

I walked in my heels all day today and it was so good to just put these on.
I really recommend these shoes to everyone that loves shoes with high heels.
Such a perfect product. :)

You can use these for weddings, travel, holiday, business, party and for a everyday use.
You can buy these at
They comes in so many different designs.

Do you own a pair of redfoot shoes?


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