Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Brushes From Coastal Scents

You can find these new brushes by Coastal Scents on
These brushes are very affordable and in good quality.

Here are their new brushes:

Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush

Black & Hot Pink Angled Kabuki

Destiny Duo Fiber Strippling Brush:

Destiny Kabuki On A Stick:

Kabuki On In A Box:

Lil' Buki Brush:

Pro Mini Kabuki & Bag:

Synthetic Domed Mini Kabuki Brush:

Synthetic Large Domed Kabuki:

I really want to try out these brushes, they look really good and they have gotten alot of great reviews by other people. These brushes are affordable which is a HUGE plus.

Do you have any of these new brushes by Coastal Scents?


  1. i really want to get that 1st brush <3 i think it would be great for foundation ,,

    i have one similar to it ,, from Sephora ,, kabuki #43 =)
    but its natural hair ,, not synthetic ,, so it Absorb the foundation =(

  2. i have 0 knowledge about brushes :(


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