Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sigma Makeup - The New Heart Shaped Mirrors

Im in love with these gorgeous mirrors from
Sigma just got these mirrors on their website, so check it out guys :)

Here are the 6 new mirrors from Sigma:

Heart Shaped Mirrors - Blue Lagoon

Heart Shaped Mirrors - Cleopatra

Heart Shaped Mirrors - High Society

Heart Shaped Mirrors - Pink Safari

Heart Shaped Mirrors - Savannah

Heart Shaped Mirrors - Wild Pink

Look at these beautiful mirrors, they are just amazing. I love everyone of them, but i have to say that Cleopatra, Savannah and Wild Pink are my favorites.
These mirrors are a perfect accessory to have in your handbag and the size is perfect.
They come in a cute black velvet bag.

One thing that I really love about Sigma Makeup is the packaging.
Love it, its so perfect and makes the products more beautiful.

Sigma is one of my favorite brands. I have alot of their products and i just love them.
Im really happy about the products and the quality is so good. Its no doubt that i will keep shopping at

I would love to be sponsored my Sigma, their products are my favorites.

I really want to recommend Sigma for you guys that have not tried their products before.
You wont be disappointed :)


  1. I really like the wild pink, its super pretty!


  2. They are very nice:)love Savannah<3


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