Monday, August 9, 2010

The Perfect Basis Wardrobe

Here are some clothes that i think is a must have in a wardrobe.
Fill your closet with clothes and accessories in different colors and models that is perfect for you, your style and your figure.

I think everyone should have a pair of blue jeans.
Find the jeans that suits you the best.
These jeans are from Acne Circa $235

A pair of black pumps is necessary and sexy to have in your closet. They look good with dresses, jeans and shorts.
These pumps are from Circa $50

Everyone should have a feminine blazer that you can combine with a pair of jeans, dresses and skirts.
This blazer is from H&M Circa $50

A smaller decorative dress that you can use everyday. Combine the dress with a belt and different shoes. Such a pretty look.
Dress from Circa $25

Classic ballerina shoes that goes with everything.
Shoes from Circa $22

Follow the advice from Chanel. everyone should own a little black dress.
Its perfect for every occasion.
Dress from Circa $101

A singlet is a good thing to have in your wardrobe. Fill your closet with singlets in different colors that you can use underneath tops, cardigans and blazers.
Singlet from H&M Circa $13

This cardigan is so pretty, i love the color. if you have alot of cardigans, you can combine the colors you want.
Cardigan from Circa $50

You can use a black skirt for work, party or for everyday use.
Skirt from La Redoute Circa $17

There are so many different boots in the stores today.
Its a good idea to invest in some good boots that you can have for years to come.
MC-boots from Lille Vinkel Circa $454

A handbag that is perfect for shopping and a night on the town, this is perfect if you need room for your makeup.
Handbag from TopShop Circa $50

with a skinny belt around the waist you can style dresses and loose blouses and create a new shape. I really love this look, i think its very gorgeous
Belt from Friis&Co Circa $15

A pair of simple sandals that you can use with everything is a great thing to have in your closet.
Sandals from Asos Circa $12

I think Its much easier to dress up in a pair of classic black pants then a pair of jeans.
Black pants has a slimming effect on your figure and looks really good.
Pants from Circa $84

I love all these clothes, dont have all of these yet but im working on it :)

What do you think?


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  2. Hi there! I just feel i need to let you know that there's something wrong with your new blog layout. The list of followers gets mixed up with the post you publish, i guess you need to fix it.

    Anyway, i love the black pumps, ive been searching for one comfortable black pumps for the longest time. Hopefully, i could find it soon.

    Take care,


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