Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Wore It Best?

Please leave me a comment with your opinion :)

Today's VS contest is between Beyonce & America Ferrera.

I think Both look really beautiful in this dress by Catherine Malandrino, but i have to say that my favorite is Beyonce. Beyonce look gorgeous in this dress, love the shoes and earrings.
Love how the color on the dress and shoes matches her beautiful skin, such a pretty look.

Who is your favorite?


  1. My answer is Beyonce, definitely! =D

    take care,

  2. Im not loving the red shoes and the red lip color with that muted blue dress.. It just doesnt go...ill go with beyonce too!!

  3. You are right. Beyonce is looking gorgeous.Thanks for your comment.

  4. Honey B wore it better ,, because it complements her skin tone =)

  5. i actually think I prefer it on america...maybe im just loving her red lips


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