Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grey, Blue & Black

Woohoo, its finally snowing here. I love the snow, its so beautiful.
Im so excited about xmas, its my favorite time of year.
Love to watch a lot of xmas movies, spend time with my family and just enjoy the holidays.

I need to figure out what im going to get my boyfriend, parents and friends for xmas.
And i also need to buy my boyfriend an advent calendar. We never get too old for that haha.

Here is a few outfit pictures that my boyfriend took today. He is my personal photographer :)

Cardigan From H&M
Tights From Edc By Esprit
Scarf From H&M
Hat From BikBok
Gloves From BikBok
Shoes From H&M

I love curly hair. Today i curled my hair with my favorite straightening Iron, The Ti Creative Ti Touch Titanium In Purple Leopard.
Its such an adorable iron, its purple and have lots of leopard prints. So girly and cute :)

Do you like to curl your hair? :)


  1. lovely pictures!!!! here we have a warm november until now!


  2. Snow!! I'm jealous, hehe. Nice outfit!

  3. u look great hun,love ur outfit. at least life goes on over ur side when it snows,If it snows that much in e UK, life seems to come to a halt,pple cant go2work&scholl u just get stuck indoors lol

  4. Is that you cutie Chris?!!
    :) Usmile iSmile :D

  5. wow a snow :) ur not dressed very warm r u?:P but a lovely outfit <3

  6. snow ???? :D Your style is very nice :)

  7. OH MY GOODNESS! its snowing already where you live!? it snowed ONCE where i lived and melted the next day. today was +15 degrees celsius which was super weird lol. anyway you have such a cute outfit on! i love your toque :)

  8. wooow gorgeous ,,
    loved the pics ,, and lucky peeps for having snow =(
    fact about me ,, i never saw real snow in y life =D haha
    only the artificial manmade snow world ,, in ski dubai at emirates mall =D

  9. you're sooooo super pretty <3 I absolutely love your outfit, layering in winter is the best! and I'm jealous of your snow!


  10. seriously, these are the best pictures of you that i ever saw on here... i felt happy seeing you on the snow! =)


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