Monday, November 8, 2010

MAC Cosmetics: Moisturelush Cream

Have anyone of you guys tried this Moisturelush Cream by Mac Cosmetics?
Is it a thick cream? This could be a good cream to use since it gets very cold in Norway in the winter time, and my skin gets extra dry.

I really want to try it, because i have read a lot of great things about this product.
But i would love to hear your opinions on this product, so please let me know :)

I love trying out new products, its so much fun and MAC have a lot good products :)


  1. I'm interested in this too - have you checked reviews on MakeUpAlley?? someone might have posted their reviews about it! :)

    oh and do join my giveaway too!

  2. ive never heard about that but if you do please write a review! :) it gets very cold here where i live too and that would be great to use!

  3. Hey sounds really great!! Wish even I could get this...but will surely try to.

  4. Unfortunately have never tried this product sweetie otherwise coulda told u but anyhoo please do search ou youtube etc for reviews

  5. I'd love to hear a review on this product as well. mac has always had a great reputation!
    Lovely blog - I am your newest follower!

  6. Does it have SPF? You should have SPF in your moisturiser these days... x

  7. ohhh love mac products! ohh i can't wait to know if i won ahah

  8. I have never tried it before, but my friend absolutely loves it!

  9. Yes, on her blog she included a guide in case you don't read Italian, it's a little complicated just read carefully & good luck!


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