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Makeup Academy Love Hearts Collection: Review, Photos & Swatches

Hey Sweeties :)
Makeup Academy and Love Hearts have collaborated on one off the sweetest collections that I have seen in a long time. This collection consists of five moisturizing tinted lip balms and six nail polishes, ranging from pastels to brights. They are all in adorable limited edition Love Hearts packaging which I think is beyond adorable! I have four products from this collection to share with you, two lip balms and two nail polishes. To see swatches and pictures off the products, just keep reading :)

♥ MUA Love Heart Nail Polishes in I Want U & U R FAB.

 ♥ MUA Love Heart Nail Polish in I Want U.

I Want U is a bright orange nail polish. Its very streaky, not my favorite one out off these two shades. I used three coat to get it to look opaque but as you can see, it still looks a little streaky. The formula off this nail polish made it really difficult to work with but I do enjoy the color a lot. It is a gorgeous color for Spring and Summer.

 ♥ MUA Love Heart Nail Polish in U R FAB.

U R FAB is a beautiful raspberry nail polish which is almost opaque after just one coat. I added two coats but you can definitely get away with wearing just one coat if you prefer that. The formula off U R FAB is much better than I Want U. Its not streaky and it went on so smoothly on my nails. I love this color, I don't have anything like this color in my nail polish collection :)

 ♥ MUA Love Heart Lip Balms in Kiss Me & Hot Lips. 

 ♥ MUA Love Heart Lip Balms in Kiss Me & Hot Lips. 

 ♥ MUA Love Heart Lip Balm in Kiss Me.

Kiss Me is a bright red lip balm. The bright red color looks beautiful in the container but when I swatch it, it looks more reddish pink than bright red. 

 ♥ MUA Love Heart Lip Balm in Hot Lips.

Hot Lips is a beautiful pinky red lip balm which is quite heavily pigmented for a lip balm. This is my favorite one out off the two :)

 ♥ MUA Love Heart Lip Balms in Kiss Me & Hot Lips.

The lip balms are vanilla scented which I absolutely love. Vanilla is one off my all time favorite scents, I can never get enough off it. These lip balms are very moisturizing and they have a hint off color to them that is not too overpowering. They range from nudes to reds to beautiful soft bright pinks. I really want to try out the other shades from this collection, they all look so pretty especially Great Lips and Sweet Kiss! How adorable are the names? :)

I really like everyone can enjoy this collection. The lip balms and nail polishes are only £2 each which is a total steal. My lips gets very dry so a good lip balm is a must have for me. I think these are great to keep in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day. They also last a while on your lips which is great. I highly recommend that you check out this collection, you get a lot off product for the price :)

Where to buy? 
The MUA Love Hearts Collection is available on Makeup Academy's website. You can buy the nail polishes here and the lipbalms here :)

This product was sent to me by Makeup Academy for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item(s). All opinions are my own and 100% honest. You can follow Makeup Academy on Twitter and Facebook. Click here to check out their website.

 Have you tried any off the lip balms or nail polish from the MUA Love Heart Collection? Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. This is a brand I would really love to try out but can't find a store that ships to Aus!

  2. The polish U R FAB and the lip balms look great! I like the colours. The design of the jar is pretty cute. <3

  3. Ååhh, jeg elsker alle sammen! Superfine farger!

  4. I discovered MUA few days ago and I wanted to make a small order to try the products out...After reading your post, I Think my order will be bigger with 2-3 products xD

  5. @Jessi Thorpe Have you checked out their website? They might be able to ship to you :)

  6. @Constanze I think the design is really adorable and I love, Love Hearts :)

  7. @Tone Ja ikke sant, Kjempe fine farger til sommeren :)

  8. @Cristina Thats great :D Which products are you thinking about ordering? x

  9. WOW! These colours are so pretty. Still haven't tried this collection, hope to try them soon, but I must say I love MUA

  10. Prefer the colour of the orange nail polish but disappointing it was still streaky after 3 coats. Great review, well done.

    Meg x

  11. Leppebalmene var fryktelig søte, jeg vil ha bare på grunn av designet ;)

  12. I love your site!! Such great tips and I will definetly be trying out some of these nail polishes.

  13. Oh, ser amazing ut! Tror jeg må innom Superdrug og se om de har alt dette fine der :D

  14. Lovely colours. Im following you, would love if you follow me back :)


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