Friday, April 27, 2012

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion: Review, Photos & Swatch

Hey Cutie Pies, how are you all doing today? :)

Tonight I want to share my favorite body lotion with all off you. This is the Vanilla Body Lotion from The Body Shop. It is a lightweight body lotion that includes notes off vanilla, lemon, plum and jasmine blended together to create a sweet, warm and velvety vanilla fragrance. It also includes Babassu Oil and grape seed oil which moisturizes the skin and restores moisture and smoothness. Its a very light body lotion that quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling softer and smoother for hours.


 This is one off the body lotions I have tried that doesn't leave my skin feeling super greasy. I can't stand the greasiness that some body lotions have. I get this urgent need to take a shower or wash my hands after I have used a greasy body lotion, do you get that feeling too?

I'm such a sucker for products that smells good! Sometimes that can be the whole reason for buying a product. Crazy huh, but I bet I'm not the only one out there? :)

The warm Vanilla scent is one off the reasons why I love this body lotion so much. The scent is a little strong but that only makes it last longer on the skin. When I get out off the shower, this is the body lotion that I reach for. I absolutely love how soft it makes my skin feel, its definitely one off the best body lotions that i have tried.

The packaging is very simple but still cute enough to have out on display on your bathroom shelf. The bottle is a little too hard to squeeze and it can be difficult to get product out off it. I think that a pump would be much more practical, maybe they will change that in the future. The consistency off the body lotion is just right, not to thick not to thin!

I paid $23 for this body lotion which is a little expensive but I have had this 200ml bottle for a while now and I still have quite a lot off product left in the bottle. How long a bottle is going to last you depends on how much and how often you use it.

I remember using this body lotion a few years ago but they stopped selling it in here. I recently saw it back in the store and I just had to pick one up for myself and my mom as well. Let's hope they still have it when I run off it. If you love sweet scents, I highly recommend that you check this one out :)

Where to buy?
I recommend that you check out your local The Body Shop store to see if they have it. Its available on their UK website, you can find it here. I also managed to find a seller on Ebay but he/she only has one left so if you want it, you have to hurry before someone else grabs it! Here is the link :)

Do you have any favorite products from The Body Shop? Any recommendations? Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. I love vanilla! <3
    The products from TBS are great. I can recommend the body butters, for example Coconut - if you like the smell, too. :)

  2. Oh wow vanilla is my favourite scent ever how have I not seen this before?! If you like this you will probably love their Chocomania collection! xx

  3. @Constanze I love their Coconut Body Butter, it smells really good :)

  4. @Abbi Fay Then you are going to love this one a lot :) Ahhh, that sounds really yummy. I definitely have to check out their Chocomania Collection, thank you :)

  5. Vanilla is among my favorite scents! Another one in my best body lotion list!

  6. I totally agree with you. And sometimes you can't rely with the brand alone when choosing lotions as the previous one i had was totally greasy and it was a branded one. Anyways i can easily buy this one via beauty products online.


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