Monday, January 2, 2012

Haul Post: Born Pretty Store

I recently ordered some fun products from Born Pretty Store! Born Pretty Store is one of my favorite website because they always have the best deals on nail art supplies, their prices are just incredible. I bought some nail wheels, nail art glitters & brushes and a adorable leopard
nail manicure pillow to feed my nail art obsession haha :)

♥ Leopard Manicure Pillow. You can find this product here :)

♥ Clear Nail Wheel. I ordered 2 pcs, 10 in each. You can find this product here :)

♥ 12 pcs nail art glitter dust powder.

I ordered these fun glitters because I want to try and create my own glitter nail polishes. I cant wait to try it out, hope it works. You can find this product here :)

♥ Glycolic Acid Fan Mask Brush. You can find this product here :)

♥ 7 pcs Nail Art Acrylic UV Gel Brush + 1 pc Dotting Pen.

I really want to start doing more nail looks/tutorials. Creating different and small designs will be a lot more easier with these brushes. You can find this product here :)

Have you ordered from Born Pretty Store before? Which website is your favorite to buy nail art supply from? :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. These tools look really cool. I can't wait to see what ideas and designs you come up with. :)

  2. Great little post. I love that bag too! leopard lusciousness!


  3. Great buys sweetie,love evrything especially e cushion and brushes.

    Btw received the Born pretty mood changing polish new years eve,I applied it today&i love it! Thank you x

  4. YAY! So many nail goodies! How fun! I hope you do a post on the mani pillow soon, looks interesting :)

  5. Great haul honey!!! The products look lovely :)

  6. @Sharon Thank you :) Im so happy you finally got it, thanks for letting me know :) I would love to see a blog post on the nail polish :)

  7. The glitters will make excellent nail polishes Christine!!!

  8. @Gauri I really think so too, so excited to try it out :)))

  9. Cool order! Hopefull I will have the leopard cushion delivered soon... can't wait to display it in my home-salon :)

  10. great haul! I am planning on getting a few things as well.

  11. Så mye gøy du har kjøpt :D Gleder meg til å se glitterlakkene dine!

  12. @Lara You are going to love it, its sooo cute :)

  13. @Sidrah!!!! Cool, let me know what you think about their site. And I would love to see your haul post if you decide to do one :)

  14. @Elizabeth Michelle Tusen Takk snuppa <3 Jeg er så spent selv hihi, håper dem blir bra :)


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