Friday, January 6, 2012

Nail Look: Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Nail Polish in Light As A Feather

Today Im wearing this beautiful 3D Holographic Nail Polish called Light As A Feather by Glitter Gal. Its a beautiful pale gray with linear holographic shimmer. Light As A Feather is definitely the softest and most wearable nail polish I own from Glitter Gal. The pretty, pale grey color makes this nail polish perfect for everyday use and a must have for fall and winter :)

I was having a really difficult time trying to capture the holographic-ness of this nail polish. If you have any tips please share them with me in the comments below :)

This product was sent to me by the lovely Leah Ann from shop.llarowe. You can find Light As A Feather here.

What do you think about Light As A Feather? Which nail polish are you rocking at the moment? :)


  1. Wow that is a very pretty nail polish, I think you are right in that it is light enough to get away with at work but tilt it the right way for the hologram and you feel really naughty and chic wearing it. I love make up that makes me feel that way. I think I will have to source some for myself

  2. Oh, that looks lovely! I've never tried any holographic nail polishes.

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. Lovely on you! Try a base of Essie Marshmallow as well and take pics in direct sunlight! :D Thanks so much for the shout out!

  4. Gorgeous on you!!! Try taking these pics in direct sunlight! :D

  5. @Roxy and Roy This one is gorgeous, you should definitely try Glitter Gal :)

  6. @Lauren ♥ You should definitely give them a try, I think you are going to love them too :)

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