Sunday, January 1, 2012

Product Review: MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette [Swatches]

The MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette retails for $38 and its a limited edition holiday compact that features six eyeshadows. You get Lightfully (a white with pink reflect), Trax (a burgundy-plum with shimmer), Fun! (a pink patina), Festive Delight (a bordeaux wine)
Black Tied (a black with silver sparkle), and Shadowy Lady (a blackened plum).

Trax, Black Tied, and Shadowy Lady is a part of MAC's permanent range so if you already own them, I dont recommend that you go out and get this palette. Lightfully, Fun and Festive Delight is limited edition shades. This palette is from the MAC Ice Parade Collection that came out in October 2011.

♥ MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette.

♥ Lightfully, Trax, Fun, Festive Delight, Black Tied & Shadowy Lady.

♥ Lightfully (top) Fun (middle) & Black Tied (bottom).

♥ Lightfully (top) Fun (middle) & Black Tied (bottom).

♥ Trax (top) Festive Delight (middle) & Shadowy Lady (bottom).

♥ Trax (top) Festive Delight (middle) & Shadowy Lady (bottom).

♥ MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette.

I just can't stop shaking this product haha! The snowglobe packaging is really beautiful and the Silver and White together is perfect for the holidays. When it comes to the product itself, I have to say that Im a little disappointed. The eyeshadows are extremely beautiful but they are too chalky and I was having the hardest time swatching them. Lightfully was the hardest shade to swatch, it hardly shows up in the picture which is too bad because its such a pretty
color. I even tried using Too Faced shadow insurance as a base but that didn't help much either.

Trax, Festive Delight and Shadowy lady is definitely the best shades in this palette. They are still a little chalky but they are much easier to work with and they are really pigmented as well. But Trax and Shadowy Lady is a part of MAC's permanent range so if you are curious about trying them, I highly recommend that you get them separate and skip on this palette :)

The MAC Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette was a gift from my mom.


Did you pick up anything from the MAC Ice Parade Collection? :)
Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. I've been looking at this its actually really pretty!!!

    Happy New year love

    xo Jenn

  2. @Jenn It is, but I dont think its worth $38 :)

  3. love the packaging it indeed is so cute!!
    trax and shadowy lady are gorgeous colors! xx

  4. Jammen.. esken og øyenskyggene ser jo såå fine ut :/

  5. @Elizabeth Michelle Ja vet, heldigvis er det 3 brukbare farger i den :)

  6. I saw this in store and was tempted but if I m honest the packaging put me off. I know, I know I shouldn't go for the packaging and I know that most people would adore this sparkly disco ball of a palette. I just can't help thinking that for what it costs, and being MAC and all its just a bit well cheap looking, and for something that is Ltd Edt and that I would want to be able to look at it. But having said that the colours ARE amazing! x


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