Thursday, November 3, 2011

Elf Cosmetics: Essential Gem Collection

How amazing, fun and girly is this limited edition, gem-embellished collection from Elf Cosmetics? I absolutely love it and I definitely want to get my hands on the brushes, the eyelash curler and the little mirror. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this collection will be available on the UK site soon :)

This limited edition consists of:
♥ Eyeshadow Brush - $4
♥ Blending Brush - $4
♥ Powder Brush - $5
Blush Brush - $5
♥ Foundation Brush - $5
♥ A Mirror - $4
♥ Tweezer - $4
♥ Eyelash Curler - $4
♥ Nail File Set - $4
♥ Brow Brush - $4

Available in 3 sparkling colors with bristles dyed to match:
♥ Silver
♥ Pink
♥ Purple

Where to buy?
You can find this at Its not available on yet, hopefully it will be :)

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What do you think about this collection? :)
Xo, Christine


  1. ohhh those are soo cuuuute!! is it for breast cancer? if not it shouldve been since its pink lol. i love everything bedazzled.

  2. sooooo cute at a great price!

  3. I think they look cute but just hope none of the wee gems would fall off! nightmare! haha xx

  4. Oh wow! Wonder if they'll do these in the UK :)

  5. can this spell any more girly? pink pink pink... love!

  6. Wow! I wonder how that nail file will work? but great idea though.

  7. @AngieBeautyBelle They are not available on the UK site yet :(

  8. @Emsy Im very curious about that one too :)

  9. ooommmmgggg i LOVE THIS!
    i want it!

    New post on my blog ;
    New photoshoot!

  10. :o! omg i need these in my life!!!
    Lucy xx

  11. wow! so cute. love to have this. :)


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