Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twilight Beauty Nail Varnish Collection [Swatches]

I wanted to share the swatches of the nail polishes from the Twilight Beauty Nail Varnish Collection Set that I picked up yesterday. I just finished swatching all three colors and Im amazed by how beautiful they all are.

All three nail polishes are very pigmented and opaque after just one-two coats. I used two coats on all three colors since I like how it intensifies the colors. I love how perfect these colors are for Christmas and I cant wait to start rocking these shades, especially the dark purple :)

This set is $8.50 which is a good price for three beautiful, full size nail polishes (same size as OPI) I have a few ideas for upcoming nail looks, will try and share them with you all soon. Some of them contains glitter which is perfect now that Christmas is almost here, wohoo :)

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Have you tried anything from Twilight Beauty?
Are you interested in a Twilight Beauty Giveaway? :)
Xo, Christine


  1. These are pretty! Where did you get them?

  2. A Twilight beauty giveaway would be AMAZING! I'm a bit of a Twilight fan haha. These polishes look very lovely. I'm now following you on Twitter :) xx

  3. AW! Those are so pretty! :) I'm glad you posted the swatches right away, I was thinking of those after I saw your post on them yesterday.

  4. I like the red and purple. <3 They are gorg! x

  5. @Emma Greenwood YAY, thanks for letting me know. Im going to pick up a few extra sets tomorrow :) Thank you <3

  6. @Krystal Caracol They are gorgeous. Is Twilight Beauty available in your stores?

  7. the purple is absolutely gooooorgeous Love it!

  8. Disse var helt stunning.. Absolutt ja til Twillight giveaway :)

  9. These are actually really pretty! :)



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