Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Lipstick Collection: NYX Cosmetics

Im back with another lipstick collection post and today Im sharing my NYX lipsticks with you sweeties. The round lipsticks from NYX are probably my favorite lipsticks. I love how affordable they are and how they feel on my lips, they are definitely a great alternative to MAC lipsticks if you want so save some money :)

♥ Summer Love, Iris, Tea Rose, Watermelon, Indian Pink, Strawberry Milk, Paris, Christie & Jupiter.

♥ L-R: Summer Love, Iris, Tea Rose & Watermelon.

♥ L-R: Indian Pink, Strawberry Milk, Paris, Christie & Jupiter.

You can expect to see upcoming lipstick collection posts on Elf Cosmetics and randon brands soon. Click here if you want to see my MAC Cosmetics lipstick collection :)

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Which lipstick from NYX Cosmetics is your favorite? :)
Love, Christine


  1. Woww such a beautiful collection <3 You've got such lovely lipsticks!!!!

  2. great swatches, would like to see them on you ;-)

  3. Gorgeous collection! You have all the pretty ones. Man I looove Tea Rose! Don't you? I wear it almost everyday lol

  4. love both swatches! Love tea rose ^___^
    Nice collection you got there! ;)

  5. wow I seriously want to get that strawberry milk one!! I must find out where I can find NYX products near me~
    Thanks for sharing ^______^

  6. @Vyvy If you cant find NYX near you, you can always order from Cherry Culture :)

  7. where did you get the lipstick holder :)

  8. @Nina Bought it from a seller on Ebay. I added the link to the lipstick holders in my Lipstick Storage And Organisation post :)

  9. Awesome collection. I love all these shades.


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