Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nail Polish Removers by H&M

Since Im obsessed with nail polishes and doing nail looks, a nail polish remover is a must have for me, so I picked these up at H&M. I have tried both before and I like them for removing regular nail polishes, but when it comes to glitters I dont like them. I love that they are affordable and the pink one have a very pleasant smell, not that intense smell that some of the nail polish removers has. The pink one also have Vitamin E which rehydrate and strengthen the nails :)

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Which nail polish remover do you use? :)
Love Christine


  1. I use the Cutex nail polish remover which is the thing locally available near mine. Dunno if you heard of that brand before. :))

  2. @Myrted I haven't heard about that brand before :)

  3. Jeg vurderer å kjøpe en av disse neste gang faktisk :)

  4. @sminkehimmelen Prøv den rosa, den lukter bedre enn den blå + den har Vitamin E :)

  5. Hi Christine!
    I was totally not aware that H&M had nail polish removers!! How could I not have seen them, ever?
    Maybe they only sell them in Norway or I have really just never seen them! Speaking of H&M in Norway, when I was living in Kristiansand for a couple of months I always went to the H&M there! I am still wearing the pants that I bought then and there! :-)
    best wishes

  6. @Blusherine They dont have a beauty section in the H&M stores where you live? I dont think its just Norway that sell them :)

  7. Hi Christine, they do, but I never saw the nail polish removers, I must be blind! :-)

  8. @Blusherine I hope you find them, let me know if you dont. Maybe I can send you one :)

  9. Liker disse eg :) Fungerer også på glitter for min del :)


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