Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Lipstick Collection: Elf Cosmetics

Today Im sharing my collection of lipsticks from Elf Cosmetics! I have been a big fan of Elf for a long time now and Im very impressed with the quality of their products.

I have 5 lipsticks from their Mineral line and 6 from their Essential line. I prefer their Mineral lipsticks over the regular $1 lipsticks. I think the quality is much better and I love the black, sleek packaging :)

♥ L-R: Natural Nymph, Runway Pink, Nicely Nude, Pouty Petal & Ripe Rose.

♥ L-R: Classy, Seductive, Gypsy, Posh, Voodoo & Fantasy.

You can expect to see a lipstick collection post on mixed brands soon. Click here if you want to see my NYX Cosmetics lipstick collection :)

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Which lipstick from Elf Cosmetics is your favorite? :)
Xo, Christine


  1. Love these collection posts. :D:D I'll definitely be reading future posts like these :)) xxx

  2. you have the best taste for lipstick!
    i really love your lipstick collection. how long have you been collecting them? x

  3. Hey! I actually LOVE the 1 dollar line. I don't see a difference in quality besides the packaging. The mineral packaging is much better. As far as the lipsticks go though I actually prefer the 1 dollar one's because they are more matte looking and actually last for quite some time!

    My favorites are Voodoo, Classy, and Ripe Rose! :)

    I went ahead a bought all the dollar lipsticks! lmbo. I am a little obsessed with lipstick right now!

    xoxo, nykki

  4. Oooooh where did you get your holder for your lipsticks it's brilliant

  5. @тainтed мeмories. Thank you :) not that long, Im not that into lip products, Im more of an eyeshadow girl :)

  6. Im not a big fan. A few of mine broke right away so a little disappointed in that but they are only $1 :)

  7. @aprettyobsession Got it on Ebay. You can find the link to the seller in My Lipstick Storage And Organisation post :)

  8. I love the way you have all of your collections organized. I will check out the eBay site. Smooches...

  9. Wow.. all pretty shades..never knew ELF makes such grt lipsticks !!! Where did you get the lipstick holder from? Looking very useful..

  10. hey christine! love the 3 pinks in the middle of the mineral lipsticks swatches!:) nice post x

  11. @Aarthi Check out My Lipstick Storage And Organisation post, I have added the link :)

  12. I've never tried any elf products before, keep meaning too :)
    Lucy xx

  13. @LucyyLou I highly recommend their Studio Line products, amazing quality and the products are so affordable :)


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