Monday, May 14, 2012

Tutorial: How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Using Foil

Hey Sweeties :)
I love wearing glitter nail polishes but we all know how ''fun'' they are to remove. I came across this awesome trick on how to remove glitter nail polishes using foil and I thought it would be perfect to do a Tutorial showing you how easy it is to do. So if you want to learn how you can remove your glitter nail polishes in only a few minutes, just keep reading :)

 ♥ NYX Nail Polish in Multi Glitter & Chanel's Rose Insolent. 

 ♥ 1. Pour a good amount of nail polish remover on a cotton pad.

  ♥ 2. Place the wet cotton pad on your nail, make sure your entire nail is covered and that the cotton pad is pressed against your nail.

  ♥ 3. Rip a piece of foil and wrap it around your fingers like this.

  ♥ 4. Leave the foil on your nails for  3-5 minutes before you remove it. If you are working with a really thick glitter nail polish, you might need to leave the foil on a little longer so the nail polish will loosen completely.

  ♥ 5. Now you want to pull the foil off your fingers. If there is any nail polish left on your nails after removing the foil, just take a cotton pad with some nail polish remover and go over that area.

Products Used: 
♥ NYX Ridge Filler Base Coat.
♥ NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Multi Glitter.
♥ Chanel Nail Polish in Rose Insolent.
♥ Cotton Pads.
♥ Nail polish Remover.
♥ Foil.

I love this Multi Glitter nail polish from NYX. Its a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday which is a really popular nail polish. I love layering Multi Glitter on top off other nail polishes, it gives them that extra spark that I'm always looking for :)

Do you love wearing Glitter nail polishes? Have you tried out this technique before? Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. I've heard this idea a bunch of times before but I am so lazy that i'll just keep scrubbing with a cotton ball until it comes off :p

  2. This tutorial is perfect for me because I wear glitter all the time and go through bottles of polish remover like there is no tomorrow! Thanks for sharing! xoxo ♥

  3. I do this too and it works soo much better!

  4. Fab post, I will have to try this!

  5. am so gonna try this! thank you for that tip girl!:)

  6. Fantastic job! The glitters gave your nails uniqueness.

  7. That is awsome! I have to check that out:) I had to quit with glitter nail polished as they are to much of the trouble especially in a busy life, lol:) But I'll give it a go one more time, hihi.
    Come around mine in your free time ;) take care hunnie.

  8. This tutorial is brilliant! Thank you!

  9. I wish I knew about this tehnique a few days ago when I was having so much trouble removing glitter nail polish. I hate removing it! The cotton pad rips & sticks to the glitter & it's allover messy. Good to know about this trick. :)
    Take care,


  10. Removing glitter polishes is a nightmare for me. Thank you for this post. It's really helpful. :) xx

  11. @Kelli I used to do that too, I think this is so much easier :)

  12. @hananoire I'm so happy you like my Tutorial, hope you get the chance to try this out :)

  13. @jaanika Your welcome :) hope you get the chance to try this out :)

  14. @ArtLook4U I hope you get the chance to try this out, its super easy to remove glitter nail polishes now :)

  15. @theReviewélla I hope you get the chance to try this out. I love wearing glitter nail polishes now that I know about this technique :)

  16. @Sara Hassan Thank you so much Sara. I hope you give this technique a try :)

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this tip! I have been completely avoiding my glitter polishes just because I hate spending 20 mins scrubbing them with cotton pads to try to remove the glitter!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  18. This is such a great tip!! Can't wait to try it out!

  19. I've tried it and it worked so well!


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