Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Haul Post: Inglot Cosmetics & Real Techniques

Hey Dolls :) 
I have a really exciting and fun haul post to share with you guys tonight. My lovely friend Grace from All That Slap picked up a few products for me from Inglot Cosmetics, as well as the stippling brush from Real Techniques. Let me know in the comments down below if you want me to  review and swatch the eye shadows :)

 ♥ Freedom System - 5 Eye Shadow Square.
 ♥ Rainbow Eye Shadow in 101R.

 ♥ Rainbow Eye Shadow in 116R.

 ♥ Rainbow Eye Shadow in 115R.

 ♥ Rainbow Eye Shadow in 117R.

 ♥ Rainbow Eye Shadow in 107R.

♥ Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

I'm so excited to play around with my new products. I have heard so many wonderful things about these products. Inglot is a brand that I have been wanting to try out for the longest time, but its a brand that isn't available here in Norway and its also quite difficult to find online as well. Now I finally get the chance to try them out, thanks to my awesome friend Grace :)

Have you tried out any products from Inglot and Real Techniques? Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. I love inglot products and real techniques brushes! You're definitely going to love both of them :)

  2. I'd love to try Inglot, but I have the same problem LOL They're not sold here and haven't found them online. I do have the realtechniques stippling brush and LOVE it! I swear, even my worst foundation looks great when using this brush ^^ I'd love to read a review of the Inglot eyeshadows, they look lovely! xx

  3. Def want swatches!! :) are you going to use the stippling brush for foundation? Curious to know how it applies!


  4. I'm planning on buying some Real Techniques brushes when I go to Northern Ireland! I really really want the buffing brush, and I'd love to find out how good the stippling brush is.. Looking forward to finding out what you think about it :)

  5. I love both brands, Inglot eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and RT brushes are some of the best I've used!


  6. Your blogs is definitely awesome! I chose to read this today. Keep on posting about online make up/.

  7. @dugongsss I can't wait to try everything out :)

  8. @hananoire I always use my Sigma F80 for foundation, because I haven't found a better brush. I can't wait to give this a try, heard wonderful things about it :)

  9. @Emma @ The Makeup Room Yeah, I'm going to try and use it for foundation. Really excited to try it out :)

  10. @Hutli That's great :) I will try it out soon and post a review on it :)

  11. @Raffles Bizarre I'm really impressed with the quality of the Real Techniques brushes, they are great :)

  12. nice haul,love the brush. i always forget to purchase Inglot lipsticks lol

  13. @Sharon I definitely want to try their lipsticks, I'm already obsessed with these eyeshadows :) if only we had a Inglot store here, haha

  14. I love love love Inglot, but in my opinion the rainbow shadows are the worse of the lot. I have three of them, and I don't really like any of them, although they are usable. The others on the other hand? Pure magic! If you don't know any of the regular ones I can highly recommend the pearl finish ones. I want to own every single one of them. :D


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