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Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner: Review & Photos

 ♥ Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner. 

My Thoughts:
The Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner (£8.49 for 125ml/4oz.) is designed to enhance the performance and prolong the life of your brushes. It dissolves the build-up of makeup and oil, and it's ideal for cleaning natural and synthetic brushes.

It's is available in three sizes. 2oz - £4.99 (60ml - HERE), 4oz -  £8.49 (125ml - HERE) and 8oz - £9.99 (250ml - HERE). The product comes in a clear plastic bottle, with a black spray nozzle and directions on how to use it on the side of the bottle. The product itself is pink, which I think is adorable. I have a soft spot for the color pink, I just can't help myself! Ha ha, but I know I'm not the only one out there :-) 

 ♥ Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner. 

 ♥ Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner. 

 ♥ Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner. 

 ♥ Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner. 

The size of the bottle is great. It's not too big, which makes it the perfect little travel companion. I also like that the bottle is clear, so I can see how much product I have left. I love that it's got a spray nozzle, because I think it makes it easier to use, it gives me a little more control over the product and it's less messy too. I don't like to waste product, and I feel like I won't do that when I use the spray nozzle.

The spray nozzle is removable so you can pour a suitable amount of product into a bowl, or spray the product directly onto a tissue paper. I have tried both methods, and I find that the product works a little better when I pour some of it into a bowl. I just dip the brush into the product and swirl it around on a clean tissue paper. It removes all the makeup in just a few seconds. I only use this to spot clean some of my smaller makeup brushes, like my eyeshadow brushes. When it comes to the more bigger brushes like my foundation, powder and blush brushes, I prefer to just deep clean them. I try to do that at least once a week but sometimes I get lazy, so this product definitely comes in handy on days that I just need a quick and easy clean :-) 

 ♥ Before. 

The scent is a little strong at first, but then it lingers into a lovely and fresh scent mixed with a hint of vanilla. I didn't expect it to leave my brushes smelling like sweet vanilla, so that definitely took me by surprise. This is by far the best smelling make-up brush cleaner that I have tried :-)

Overall, I really like this make-up brush cleaner from Crown Brush. It does a great job removing the makeup that is left on the brushes, it's pink and it's got a sweet vanilla scent. How much more do you want? LOL! The fact that it's got a sweet vanilla scent makes this brush cleaner unique in my book. It's definitely a product worth checking out :-)

♥ After. 

You might like this product if:
♥ You like travel friendly products.
♥ You like that it's got a spray nozzle
♥ You are searching for a good quality brush cleaner.
♥ You want your makeup brushes to smell like vanilla.

You might not like this product if:
♥ You don't like vanilla scented products.
♥ You don't spot clean your makeup brushes, only deep clean them.

Sodium laureth sulphate, polysorbate-20, isopropanal, deionized water, d'limonene, isopropyl myristate, propylene glycol, coco betaine, benzophenone-4 fragrance.

Where to buy?
The Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner is available at Crown Brush for £8.49 - HERE.

Crown Brush is cruelty free.

This product(s) was sent to me by Crown Brush for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item(s). All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

Have you tried the Crown Brush Make-Up Brush Cleaner? What do you think about it? What brush cleaner are you currently using? :-) Love, Christine♥


  1. This look good, I really need to give my brushes a good clean!

    Jaynie Shannon | UK Lifestyle & Beauty Blog
    I Follow Back


  2. ooh I've been looking for a brush cleaner for a while now, might give this a try, I love Crown brush

  3. @JSBeautyAndStyleBlog I'm always so lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes, ha ha! I think you would love this brush cleaner, it smells amazing :-)

  4. @natasha clark I think you will love this one, it smells amazing and it gets the job done :-) x

  5. Jeg er så fornøyd med den fra MAC, har snart brukt opp min tredje flaske av den nå. Så tviler på at jeg føler for å prøve noe nytt enda. MAC sin er også rosa ;)

  6. @sminkehimmelen Jeg har også MAC sin, synes den er veldig bra den også :-)

  7. This looks really good! Definitely going to give a try soon.


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