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Best Of Beauty 2012: Skin Care & Body Products

Hey Beauties :-)
This is my third and final post in my ''Best Of Beauty 2012'' series. This post is going to be all about my favorite skin care and body products. I really hope that you have enjoyed reading these posts, because I sure had a lot of fun writing them :-) 

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Natural Glow Facial Towelettes:
This product is a big favorite of mine. I really like how the moisture from the facial towelettes quickly absorb into my skin, without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling behind. I think they are great for removing makeup, and I really like the fresh and clean scent that they have, I find it to be very refreshing :-)

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes:
These have been my go-to eye makeup remover wipes for months now, and I absolutely love them. After I have used the Bioderma cleanser, I go over my eye area with the Simple cleansing wipes, and remove any leftover makeup that the Bioderma cleanser didn't remove. These remove my makeup without any trouble, which I really like. They stay nicely moisturized in the package, so you don't have to worry about them drying out :-)

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil:
This is seriously one of the best shower oils that I have tried, and it has quickly become a huge favorite of mine. I really like how nicely it foams up, and it makes my skin feel very soft and smooth. It smells amazing, and the scent stay on my skin throughout the day. I need to order myself another bottle, because this one is almost empty :-)

Bioderma Crealine H2o Face and Eyes Cleanser:
After hearing a lot of great things about this Crealine H2o Ultra-mild Non-rinse Face and Eyes Cleanser by Bioderma, I decided to pick up a bottle and try it out. I really like this product a lot, and I think it does a very good job removing my makeup. I don't think it's the best for removing waterproof mascara but since I hardly wear any waterproof mascara, this works perfect for me :-)

Sterilan Fresh & Fruity Expert Protection Deodorant:
I haven't tried too many deodorants, but I do have a favorite one to share with you. I picked this up a while ago, and I like it a lot. It has a very fresh, fruity and floral scent, which feels very refreshing and nice :-)

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser:
I started using the ultracalming cleanser from Dermalogica about two years ago, and I like it a lot and I'm still sticking to it. It comes out like a clear gel, which doesn't foam up when it comes in contact with water. I just wash my face with warm water, I apply a small amount of the cleanser and then I gently work it into my skin. My skin feel so soft and fresh afterwards, I LOVE it. I just finished this bottle, so I need to pick up another bottle :-)

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance:
I have been using this moisturizer for over a year now, and I absolutely love it. My skin gets extra dry when it's cold outside, and this help keep it nice and moisturized throughout the day. I really like that it doesn't feel greasy on my skin, that's definitely something I look for in a good moisturizer. I just can't stand that sticky/greasy feeling :-)

EOS Complete Care Hand and Body Lotion:
I just can't get enough of this hand and body lotion from EOS. I love how fast it absorbs into my skin, and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling behind. It has a coconut scent, which reminds me of summer. I really like that I can use this as a body lotion, and a hand cream :-)

 EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream in Lavender Jasmine:
I have been using this wonderful shaving cream by EOS for months now, and I can't get enough of it. I really like that it makes my skin silky smooth, and it leaves a soft lavender scent behind on my skin. I just love this product, it's the best shaving cream that I have tried :-)

What do you think about my favorites? Have you tried out any of these products? What was your favorite skin and body product of 2012? :-) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. Dermalogica products are awesome, I use their scrubs but I will check out the cleanser next time too:)

    Sara x

  2. L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil and Bioderma Crealine H2O are my top products from last year too! I cannot live without Bioderma, everytime I go to France I stock up on some more, so i have about 10 bottles hanging around the house! Love these kinds of posts :) xxx

  3. I love the almond shower oil. It is amazing. x

  4. @Sara What scrub are you using? I'm actually looking for one to try :-)

    Let me know what you think about their cleanser, if you decide to try it out :-)

  5. @irdbeauty I need to order another bottle, because this one is almost empty :-)

  6. @Bright Town Girl Yeah! I can't get enough of the smell, sooooo good :-) x

  7. Dermalogica products are definitely the best!

    the simple wipes are also in fav list!


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