Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tag: My Most Worn Things!♥

Hey Dolls :)
I came across this really fun tag on YouTube, and I thought that it would be fun to do it and share my most worn items with you guys. I'm a big fan of doing these kind of blog posts, so if you have any ideas on tags that you think I should do, please leave your suggestions in the comments down below. You know how much I appreciate your feedback :)

1) Most worn nail polish:
My most worn nail polish is Kiss The Bride by Orly. I love how fresh and clean this nail polish makes my nails look. If I don't know which nail polish I want to paint my nails with, this is the one I go for :)

 ♥ 2) Most worn hair product:
My most worn hair product is this Heat Protect Styling Spray from Syoss Professional. I love using hot tools on my hair, so I always make sure that I use a good heat protecting spray first :)

  ♥ 3) Most worn bag:
That's easy! My most worn bag is this beautiful bag from Bryna Nicole. I completely fell in love with it after seeing it on Gossip Girl. Blake Lively, who plays Serena van der Woodsen on the show, was rocking this gorgeous bag and I just knew it in my heart that it had to be mine :)

4) Most worn shoes:
My most worn shoes have to be my black converse shoes. I absolutely love these, they are so comfortable and cool at the same time :) 

5) Most worn accessories:
I love wearing accessories, because they can change up your entire outfit. I have been obsessed with this necklace from H&M, I absolutely love it and I wear it all the time. My engagement ring is another piece that definitely counts as one of my most worn accessories :)

 ♥ 6) Most worn clothing item:
I wear these denim jeans all the time, so they are definitely one of my most worn clothing items. I prefer dark denim over the regular light blue denim, I just think it looks better on me :)

♥ 7) Most worn foundation:
The foundation that I have been wearing a lot lately, is the Fit Me foundation from Maybelline. I really like how lightweight it is, and it looks very natural as well. It gives the face a nice coverage and its cheap too, which is always a huge plus in my book :)

 ♥ 8) Most worn blush and/or bronzer:
My most worn blush is Natural from NYX. If you have a lighter skin tone, this blush is going to look gorgeous on you. Its going to give your cheeks a natural flush of color, which is perfect for everyday :)

♥ 9) Most worn lip product:
My most worn lip product is this EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. I use this lip balm everyday, and I always need to have one in my handbag, as well as a few lying around at home. This is definitely one of the best lip balms that I have tried out, I highly recommend that you check it out :)

 ♥ 10) Most worn mascara:
I picked up this mascara a few months ago and I have been wearing it almost everyday since. It like that it gives my lashes some lenght and a bit of volume as well. Its also very build able, and it won't clump or make your lashes feel stiff :)  

 ♥ 11) Most worn eyeshadow:
I have to go with my Bare Study Paint Pot from MAC on this one. Its one of those products that I reach for when I don't know what I want to use on my eyes. I just apply it on my lids, throw on some mascara and maybe some eyeliner and that's it. Its such an easy and quick look, which is perfect for those days that you don't have much time to get ready :)

What is your most worn items? Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. great post. I love the first nail polish need to check it out.

    I think I have the same necklace too


  2. OMG!!!!Am soooo in luv with the nail paint n the BAG!!!! Likey....Likey.....Sooooper-Likey!!!!! :)

  3. Wow great stuff <3 Love those dark denims & the rest of the products too!!!

  4. Very fun post!! I've been wanting to try nyx natural blush for a while!!

  5. That's a gorgeous bag, and I love your style :) I just did a recent post like this here:

    xo Renee

  6. Hey Christine, love this blogpost. I have done one similar if you would like to have a look :-)

  7. great post, loving the orly shade

  8. thanks for sharing :) i am loving blush

  9. Gøy å lese! Mulig jeg gjør denne tagen på min blogg også. ;) Vesken din var fantastisk nydelig forresten, skulle gjerne hatt den selv ;)

  10. @Rakhshanda Thank you so much. I'm obsessed with these jeans :)

  11. @KatXoXo Thank you :) You should give the blush a try, I think you might love it too :)

  12. @Renee Thank you so much, I will check out your post :)

  13. @Rachel tbeauty Thank you ^_^ That's great, I will check out your post :)

  14. @Monica Synes dette er en kjempe gøy tag, synes du skal gjøre den ^_^

  15. I enjoyed reading your tag! I love the EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit as well as the NYX blush. And your bag is too cute!


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