Thursday, March 1, 2012

My February Favorites

March has just arrived and that means that it's finally time to share the products that I have been loving for the month of February. I just love these favorites posts, they are such a great way to discover new products, dont you agree? :)

Here are the 8 products that I have been loving a lot lately :)

 ♥ The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay.

The Naked 2 palette has been my ''go to'' palette for the whole month of February. Its such a great product and it has the perfect eyeshadows for creating neutral makeup looks. I have been using Foxy all over the lids with Tease in the crease, love it. Its a perfect look for the days that you dont have much time to do your makeup :)

♥ Volumizing Mascara by Mally Beauty.

I have been using this Mally Beauty Mascara for a while now and I really like it. Im planning on doing a review of this product soon :)

♥ Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee.

The Lip Butters from Revlon has taken the beauty community with storm and I definitely understand why. They are just like lipbalms but with the pigmentation of a lipstick and the shine of a lipgloss. They are really moisturizing and the color payoff is really good :)

♥ Benefit Erase Paste.

I feel like this concealer is truly a lifesaver when it comes to covering up dark under eye circles. It really brighten up the eyes and makes you look more awake but its thick so just remember to apply a little at a time to prevent it from looking cakey :)

♥ Revlon Nail Polish in Sheer Rose.

Im in love with this rosy/pinky nude nail polish with silver shimmers, its gorgeous. You can read more about this nail polish in my review, here. Its my only nail polish from Revlon so if you have any favorites, please leave them in the comments below because I really want to try more :)

♥ Leopard Roll Bag by Too Faced.

I love this adorable little makeup bag from Too Faced Cosmetics. I bought it on Ebay about a year ago but you can still find it on their website. Its not big but it fits the most important things which I love. Here is the link to the makeup bag, just in case anyone of you if interested :)

♥ DKNY Golden Delicious.

Golden Delicious is another product that has been my ''go to'' product for the month of February. I just love how it smells. I have a review coming up on this product soon, so stay tuned for that :)

♥ Game: Alice Madness Returns. Photo Credit.

I love my Xbox 360 and Im such a sucker for video games, I think that they are so much fun and some games can be quite time consuming which I love. Alice Madness Returns is a game that I have been enjoying a lot and I absolutely love the dark twist on Alice in Wonderland. This game delves deep into the dark and violent side of the imagination, creating a nightmarish Wonderland :)

Please feel free to leave your February Favorites in the comments below. I would love to hear which products you have been loving for the month of February :)

Do you like playing video games or is it just me? :)
Thanks for looking :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. i love my erase paste and naked 2 palette

  2. great faves dear,loved Chanel perfection lumiere,Lush tea trea toner,Sigma F40 brush, Too faced Shadow Insurance and few other products

  3. The colors from Naked 2 looks so pretty. No wonder it's your "go to."

  4. i love the naked 2 palette :) x

  5. Creme Brulee looks absolutely gorgeous and awwww that Too Faced leopard print bag! <3

  6. Great favs! I still have to pick up the Naked2 palette. I also love my Benefit Erase Paste and you are right, it can get cakey but I found that if you use the Stay Don't Stray Primer underneath it, it helps.

  7. I like your favourites - Great products! :)

  8. Hey Christine,

    could you be so kind and do the Lip Butter swatches? I'm dying to try them out but looks like I'll just have to order from Amazon and can't decide which colour :)

    Thanks a million :*

  9. Great favorites! Love the erase paste and I so want the naked 2 after I keep seeing it! haha

  10. You have some fabulous favorites! I need to try out the Naked 2 palette and see if it's a necessity for me. :)

  11. Love your favorites girlfriend! && THE NAKED has def been a favorite of mine!

    xo Jenn

  12. @Sharon Your favorites sounds amazing :) I really like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance too :)

  13. @Girlie Blogger Its really beautiful. Im going to do a full post on the Naked 2 palette soon :)

  14. @G A B Y The bag is sooooo cute, love everything with leopard print on haha :)

  15. @adthenshesmiled Ooooh, I definitely need to try that primer then :) Thanks :D

  16. @lucyfarinelli Of course <3 I will try and get that post up this weekend :))) xx

  17. @Miranda The colors in the Naked 2 is beautiful, you will love it. Im doing a Naked 2 giveaway soon :)

  18. @Stephanie C. You should definitely give it a try, I think you might like it a lot :)

  19. @Jenn Thank you gorgeous <3 Yeah, the colors are so beautiful :))) xx

  20. I soo wanna try the revlon lip butters sigh but don't think they are in the uk yet. p.s. am a new follower xxxAfeeyahxxx

  21. So cute, loving your blog :)


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