Saturday, March 10, 2012

Haul Post: NYX, Milani & L.A. Colors

I recently ordered a bunch of products from Cherry Culture, mostly nail polishes. Some of these products have been on my wish list for quite some time now and I finally decided to just pick them up. I hope you enjoy my haul post and stay tuned swatches and reviews :)

♥ Milani 3D Holographic Nail Polishes in HD, HI-Tech & Cyberspace.

♥ Milani 3D Holographic Nail Polishes in 3D, Digital & HI-Res.

♥ NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polishes in Enchanted Forest & Ink.

♥ NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polishes in Beige & Coral Sensation.

♥ NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polishes in Ocean Blue, Turquoise Glitter & Be Jeweled.

The Advanced Salon Formula nail polishes are my favorite nail polishes by NYX. I picked up 7 new colors to add to my collection and I can't wait to swatch all of them and do some fun nail art tutorials. How beautiful does Ocean Blue, Turquoise Glitter and Be Jeweled look? I love them :)

♥ Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Classy Nude.

♥ Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Modern Mauve.

♥ Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Lovely Rouge.

I have heard so many great things about the Milani HD Advanced Lip Colors. I picked up three shades which I'm very excited to try out :)

♥ NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige Pearl.

♥ NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Sweet Heart.

♥ NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige.

♥ NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Copper Penny.

The lovely Emily from Beauty Broadcast did a blog post about her favorite NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses and I picked up 4 of the 5 shades that she recommended. Cosmo, which is one of the colors Emily recommended (and the color that i wanted the most) is sold out on Cherry Culture at the moment, so I have to wait until they get it back in stock or buy it from another website. Im happy I managed to get my hands on the other 4 shades because they look so beautiful :)

♥ NYX Sparkling Glitter Powder in Glam Gold.

Something that I dont have a lot of in my makeup collection is glitters/pigments. When I saw this one on Cherry Culture, I just had to pick it up. I can't wait to try it out :)

♥ Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso.

♥ Milani Baked Blush in Corallina.

♥ Milani Baked Blush in Rose D'Oro

♥ Milani Baked Blush in Red Vino.

♥ Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve.

Im in love with these baked blushes from Milani. A while ago I picked up their baked blush in Berry Amore and it has been one of my ''go to'' blushes ever since. I just love how pigmented they are and you only need a little bit of product on your brush and your good to go :)

 ♥ L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Stripers in Gold Glitter & Blue/Purple Glitter.

I love these Art Deco Nail Art stripers from L.A. Colors because they are perfect for creating fun nail art designs. I also picked up some extra ones for an nail art giveaway that I'm planning, so stay tuned for that :)

Have you tried any of these products? Do you shop at Cherry Culture? :)
Thanks for looking :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. One of the my most favorite posts are haul posts :D I love NYX and I recently got a few items from them as well but I am kicking myself for not getting the Milani baked blush. I heard so much about them and I have been dying to get my hands on them. :) Next time hopefully! I can't wait for review and swatches :D


  2. You got some great stuff! I really like the Milani 3d nail colors. They are so pretty. I really want the coralina blush too! :)


  3. Oh Wow! that's a massive haul :) xx

  4. Awesome products! ♥
    The polishes look amazing. Modern Mauve I wear often, it's a beautiful colour.

  5. I love all these! I have Milani's Luminoso, it's beautiful! xo

  6. @a!k0 I love haul posts as well, they are so fun :) Definitely pick up some Milani Baked Blushes next time you get the chance, you wont regret it :)

  7. @Jaimee Looking forward to try them out. They look pretty cool in the bottle :)

  8. Milani Holographic neglelakkene er helt fantastiske! Har alle utenom den gullfargede :) Corallina-blushen er nydelig. Tror eg må skaffe noen flere av disse blushene eg også. Passer jo bra nå når CC har 20% på alt i butikken ;)

  9. Hi! Did I miss it, where did you get the milani baked blushes? I've looked for them for a while now!

  10. @Elizabeth Michelle Elsker når CC har 20% på alt i butikken :) Synes bare det tar litt tid før pakkene kommer frem :)

  11. The naked blushes look so gorgeous


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