Monday, February 20, 2012

Sigma Beauty F05, F35 & Dry'N Shape

When it comes to makeup brushes, Sigma Beauty is my favorite brand. The quality of their brushes are fantastic and they are actually pretty affordable compared to other brands that I have tried.

I do own a few high-end brushes and to be honest, I dont use them anymore since I discovered Sigma. I prefer my Sigma brushes because they do the same job as any high-end brushes out there and that just proves that you dont have to go out and buy really expensive brushes to get a flawless makeup application. I dont want to spend that much money on just one brush when I know that Sigma makes brushes that are just as good,if not better and you can get a complete kit for the price of just a few high-end brushes :)

♥ Small Contour - F05.

♥ Tapered Highlighter - F35.

♥ The Dry 'N Shape. 

Im so happy that I managed to get my hands on the Small Contour F05 and the Tapered Highlighter F35 brush. They just came back on Sigma's website after being out of stock for quite some time. I have no idea why I haven't picked up these brushes sooner, so happy they are available again. You can find the Small Contour F05 brush here and the Tapered Highlighter F35 brush here.

I have heard so many positive things about the Dry 'N Shape so I finally decided to just pick it up and give it a try. Cleaning my brushes is something that im not a big fan of doing and I get tired of waiting for my brushes to dry so I can use them again. The Dry 'N Shape is supposed to dry and shape the brushes within 4-6 hours. Im super excited about trying out this product and from what I have heard, it lives up to the expectations :) You can find the Dry 'N Shape here.

I am affiliated with Sigma Beauty so if you dont want to contribute to comission for me, please dont click on my links. I bought all of these products with my own money.

Whats your favorite Sigma brush? Have you tried the Dry 'N Shape? :)
Thanks for looking :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. The tapered highlight one looks nice! I've never tried Sigma but I really want to x

  2. Ah, I so want to pick up both of those brushes you got, especially the tapered highlighter. It seems so different from other brushes in terms of shape and size.

  3. I would love to own some sigma brushes too
    I do have one .. (given as a gift when i joined the affiliate) the blending brush (e 35) and I must say the quality is awesome :)

  4. These brushes are great,my fave has to be The Sigma flat top kabuki F80 as I use it almost everyday

  5. @Seana Its the perfect highlighter brush :)

  6. @Jenn Staz Its a really good brush and its so soft <3 :)

  7. @Madiha Tabbasam I love the E25, its such a good blending brush :) I love that you get one for free everytime you order from Sigma :)

  8. @Sharon Thats one of my favorites too, its such a great brush. The perfect foundation brush if you ask me :)

  9. I have heard so much about the the Dry'N Shape too. I hope it turns out great for you :) xx

  10. Great post I also did a Sigma review on my blog check it out

  11. I have been eyeing up the dry'nshape for so long.... I would LOVE to order a set from Sigma. Someday;)


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