Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make Me Cool - 12 Brush Kit

I have been wanting to order myself one of these gorgeous brush sets by Sigma Beauty for the longest time now and last night i finally placed my order. Im super excited to recieve these brushes, look how cute they are. They come in four different colors, blue, coral/pink, black and purple. I haven't seen these kinds of blue brushes before, so i really like these a lot, they are really special :)

Im also going to order the Coral/Pink set eventually because a girl cant have enough brushes in her collection. I dont own a lot of brushes, so i always need to clean my brushes which i hate haha. But with a few of these, i dont have to clean them everyday :)

What do you think about Sigma Beauty?
Which product is your favorite one? :)


  1. cant wait to see how you review these =)
    these brushes look so soft and dense, im a sigma virgin lol

  2. this is such a cool product. and i love the aqua color too. it's kinda monotonous using a typical black brush all the time. i am following u..:))

  3. I want this one too!! I'm on the fence whether I should order it or not. I can't wait for your post when you receive it. I love this color :)

  4. aww nice colour&cant wait for review sweetie,I need those in my life

  5. I've wanted these brushes so bad since I first saw them. The pink and blue sets are sooo cute! And the brushes look lovely, you can just tell they're high quality by looking tat the picture. I really want to own some Sigma brushes someday <3


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