Monday, April 11, 2011

Gift From Someone Special


Purple Smokey Look Kit
NYX Round Lipsticks in Tea Rose and Indian Pink
Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in Silent Treatment and Sweet as Candy
NYX Blush in Sand
Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Greed and Pride

I got this package full of goodies from my boyfriend, he gifted me with these products last week and i finally got to pick it up today at the post office. Im so excited about everything in this package, especially the Wet N Wild products, i have been hearing so many great things about these quads.

Would you be interessted in a Wet N Wild Giveaway here on my blog? I know a lot of you cant get these quads where you live, so i thought it would make a really good giveaway. Please let me know in the comment section :)

What do you think about the goodies i got?
Have you tried any of these products? :)

Xoxo Christine


  1. Lucky You! Hope you enjoy using it! :) x

  2. aww tahts so sweet of your boyfriend! :)

  3. How cute! Yes I think it would be a great giveaway idea since many of us can't get any wet and wild products. Been dying to try some NYX products must do some serious shopping soon!

  4. Oh wow, looks like you got loads of nice things! I'd love to see swatches of them all. The quality of the photos are AMAZING, btw.

  5. Wow NYX and WNW are awesome but can't get in Ireland!

  6. OMG Christine, your boyfriend is sooo awesome! he got you so much goodies. I know you will love everything!

  7. Well how sweet he is, love the look of that NYX palette too!

  8. Congrats on having the best boyfriend ever! ;)

    The items look so pretty! I can't even begin to imagine a male picking those things out! Gorgeous! It's so cool when boyfriends pick out great makeup for their makeup-freak girlfriends! It's just so sweet and touching! :) I'd prefer makeup as a gift over diamond earrings any day! :P

    Looks like your man has good taste, in that he has a good eye for makeup as well as a super sweet and charming girlfriend! ;)

    Personally I think the products are fab! Can't wait to know what you think of the smokey eye palette, it looks beautiful! :)

  9. Awww that's so sweet of your bf to get you those ^^ and he did good. I would love to get my hands on those WnW palettes...a giveaway would be awesome!


  10. Wow, where can I get a BF like that? haha seriously, he sent you makeup?? Sounds like a keeper! ;)


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