Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Won My First Giveaway

I won my very first giveaway on Oh to Be a Muse's Blogg
I normally dont have any luck when it comes to giveaways, but this time i was pretty lucky.
Got the package in the mail right before christmas time, such a fun christmas gift, thank you so much Cheryl, i absolutely love the prizes. :)

Harajuku Lovers Makeup Bag

I absolutely love Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers brand, so cute :)


These earrings are really cute.

Elf Cosmetics: Duo Cream Eyeshadows in Berry Mix and Olive

I haven't tried Elf Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadows yet, cant wait to play with these :)

Have you won any giveaways?

Xoxo Christine


  1. oh my god how lovely congrats!! happy new year!

  2. Congrats girly!

    I've won a few, my very first one I won an Ipod and a leather clutch.


  3. YAY! Congratulations! Cute stuff! I've won a few giveaways. Bobbi Brown Metals e/s single, Revlon sheer l/s (3), Snakeskin Makeup Bag, NARS Silent Night e/s, A bunch of Sinful Colors NP. A $200 lacefront wig. LOL I want to do a giveaway soon on my blog. :O) Thanks for sharing Christine.

  4. Congrats those are really cute earings :)

  5. Haven't won any yet, but here's hoping. Congrats!

  6. Congratulations! Love the bag. =)

  7. that's so awesome, congrats on winning Christine. I actually won two giveaways, one by out in a pout and another by eyelining and other obsessions I am so excited to get them in the mail and play around :D:D

  8. Great Prizes, Congrats!!

  9. congrats!! isnt it so exciting winning giveaways! :) i love your prizes too! oh and happy new years <3

  10. Congratulations! I like the earrings lots. I won one giveaway, but I haven't had a chance to blog it yet!

  11. Congrats and well done.. The little bag is super cute =)

  12. What a lovely bag on the 1st picture & what a beautiful design your blog has :):)

  13. yay! i'm so happy you received the package and that you love the prizes. so glad you won!


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