Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Kitty For Sephora

You have probably heard and seen pictures of the Hello Kitty collection for Sephora. Im a huge fan of Hello Kitty. I think its so cute, i love it.
Since we dont have Sephora here, i thought i would search for it on ebay and i found a few things from this collection. The only bad thing is that its very expensive on ebay.

I ended up buying two nail polishes in the colors Blueberry and Frosted Cupcake.
I also want to get my hands on bubble gum, such a cute color which they didn't have.

I also want this brush set and mirror, look how adorable these are :)

Do you have anything from this collection?
xoxo Christine


  1. I don't own anything yet, but it looks amazing! :) those polishes are adorable ♥

  2. i dont own anythn but it all looks pretty.we dont hav Sephora in e UK

  3. How sweet are these Hello Kitties!! ♥
    Sadly there isn't Sephora in Hungary but when I was in Madrid and Rome I've bought so many great products there!! This is 1 of my favorite shops!!


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