Tuesday, July 22, 2014


NYX Cosmetics launched the Fine Artistry Of Cosmetic Elites (FACE) Awards to support and give recognition to the group of rising beauty stars, acknowledging and rewarding them for their passion and creativity. The Face Awards is a milti-national competition to find the Beauty Vlogger Of The Year on YouTube, giving the contestants a chance to win $25.000, consultations with pro makeup artists, a year's supply off NYX Cosmetics and the opportunity to build a promising professional career in makeup artistry.

The Face Awards is a way to celebrate the next generation of beauty influencers and ''key players'' in the beauty industry. Not celebrity artists or executives, but talented digital influencers that produce amazing beauty videos and inspire a true, engaged audience! :-) 

The third and final challenge in the NYX Cosmetics Face Awards goes live today through Friday. The contest gets narrowed down from the top 12 to the top and final 6. The final 6 contestants will be flown out to Los Angeles in August, where they will be competing for the grand prize in front of fans, peers and a panel of beauty influenzers and celebrity judges. They will be judged on key criteria, including creativity, educational value, artistry, likeability and production value. 

Make sure to vote for you're favorite, HERE! You can vote up to three times a day! :-) 

I'm a huge fan off NYX Cosmetics, I have been using their products for years now. I'm so impressed by the quality off their products, as well as the affordable price tag. I have been a supporter off the NYX Cosmetics The Face Awards since back in 2012, when the lovely Charis from Charisma Star TV won. Not only is Charis extremely talented with makeup, but she has such a fun and sparkling personality! :-) 

Who do you want to win the NYX Cosmetics The Face Awards 2014? I really like Bailey Van Der Veen, her Cats Broadway Musical Tutorial is amazing! :-) Love, Christine♥

No payment was received for this post, however NYX Cosmetics are sending me some off their products to try out as a thank you for helping them support the Face Awards 2014.

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