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♥ Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel in 055 & 992.

Today, I have two pretty nail polishes from the brand Inglot Cosmetics to share with you. They are both from their nail enamel range, which ranges from shimmers and creams to metallics and mattes. Let's go on and jump right into the review, shall we? :-)

 ♥ Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel in 055. 

Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel in 055 (15 ml/0.51 US fl.oz.) is a champagne beige with a pearly finish. It's very easy to apply, but it's a bit sheer on the first coat, so it needs at least three coats to look completely opaque on my nails.

It's a really beautiful shade, but I'm not digging the pearly finish. I don't know why, but I have never been a big fan off that specific finish. What do you guys think? Are you a fan? You can still see a little bit off my natural nails peeking through the nail polish after three coats. I think I would love it even more if it had a creamy finish. Nonetheless, it's still a gorgeous shade! :-) 

 ♥ Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel in 992. 

Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel in 992 (15 ml/0.51 US fl.oz.) is a beautiful blurple with a shimmery finish. It's very smooth and easy to apply. It didn't go on sheer or streaky on my nails, which is awesome. The shimmer is quite fine, but you can definitely tell that it's there. It dries quickly and it's fully opaque in three coats.

I have always been a sucker for blurple nail polishes and this one is definitely a big winner in my book. It's my favorite shade out off the two nail polishes from Inglot, it's really gorgeous! :-) 

 ♥ Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel in 055 & 992. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with both off these nail polishes. I really like how easy and smooth they are to apply, how glossy they are and how they look on the nails. The consistency off the two nail polishes is quite thin. I prefer when nail polishes have a more thinner consistency, because I find them to be a lot easier to work with. The drying time is quite good, which is always a huge plus in my book. If you haven't checked out this range off nail polishes from Inglot Cosmetics, you should definitely look into it. There are a bunch off really gorgeous shades and they are quite affordable as well! :-) 

♥ Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel in 055 & 992. 

 You might like this product if:
♥ You like shimmery/pearly finishes.
♥ You like cute packaging.
♥ You like quick drying nail polishes.

You might not like this product if:
♥ You're not a big fan off the thin consistency.
♥ You don't like the shimmery/pearly finish.

Butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetyl tributyl citrate, phthalic anhydride/trimellitic anhydride/glycol copolymer, isopropyl alcohol, stearalkonium hectorite, adipic acid/fumaric acid/phthalic acid/tricyclodecane dimethanol copolymer, citric acid.

May contain (depends on the color): mica, boron nitride, calcium aluminium borosilicate, silica, tin oxide, red 36, red 6 ba lake, red 7 ba lake, red 34 ca lake, yellow 5 al lake, blue 1 al lake, yellow 10 al lake, carmine, bismuth oxychloride, iron oxides, ferric ferrocyanide, manganese violet, titanium dioxide.

Where to buy?
The Inglot Nail Enamels are available at Inglot Cosmetics Norway for 110NOK each. You can find 055, HERE and 992, HERE.

Inglot is cruelty free. Does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

This product(s) was sent to me by Inglot Cosmetics Norway for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item(s). All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Have you tried out any shades from the Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel range? See any shades here that you like? :-) Love, Christine♥


  1. Two beautiful shades, I especially like the nude one! X

  2. I love it in blue! Really colorful ;)


  3. I love inglot polishes! #992 looks gorgeous.

  4. Hi Christine, thank you for your comment. As usual, came to check out your latest post =)

    I love this nail color since its neutral (The 005). I am wearing the same color now in a similar brand. These are great colors now for spring =)

  5. Love the blue shade <3 <3 Very pretty!

  6. @Mademoiselle Lala It's a lovely shade, great everyday type off shade :-) x

  7. @Laura Herder Yeah, me too. I absolutely love it, it's a stunning shade :-)

  8. @citygirl907 I really like these two a lot, definitely want to try more shades from them now :-)

  9. @Sprinkleofmetime Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my post, means a lot :-)

    Yeah, I think they are both great for spring and summer :-D

  10. @Rakhshanda Rizvi Thank you sweetie <3 What nail polishes have you been loving lately? :-) x


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