Saturday, December 21, 2013


 ♥ Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Confetti. 

♥ Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Confetti. 

Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Confetti is a pretty holographic glitter nail polish. It's nice and easy to apply! I was hoping that Confetti would have the same smooth texture as Party Shoes, which was the nail polish behind hatch number 14 in the Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar (link to the post HERE). Confetti has a gritty and harsh texture like most glitter nail polishes, which definitely can be a challenge to remove, LOL! It dries quickly, like most off the Ciate nail polishes.

Confetti is a fun shade to wear on it's own, but you can also wear it as a top coat and pair it with different nail polishes for a fun manicure :-)

Confetti is currently on sale on BeautyBay for $9.90, HERE is the link.

What do you think about Confetti? Do you like holographic glitter nail polishes? :-) Love, Christine♥

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