Sunday, November 3, 2013


Hey Everyone :-)
How are you doing today? Hope you are having a lovely Sunday! I recently ordered the Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar from Cloud 10 Beauty, and it finally arrived on my doorstep last night! If you are a nail polish lover like myself, I really do think that this is something that you are going to enjoy a lot!
Simon got me the Ciate Mini Mani Month last December (check out my posts from last year HERE), and I had a lot off fun opening it up and going through all the nail polishes and caviar pearls. I will be posting a new blog post each day in December (like I did last year), with pictures and swatches off the nail polishes inside the advent calendar :-)

♥ Ciate Mini Mani Month 2013 Advent Calendar. 

♥ Ciate Mini Mani Month 2013 Advent Calendar.

♥ Ciate Mini Mani Month 2013 Advent Calendar.

I'm really looking forward to December now, and I can't wait to open this baby up. I might just have to ask Simon if he can hide it from me until December 1st, I'm not sure if I can keep my paws away from it until then, LOL! :-)  

PS: There might be a sneaky little giveaway coming your way later today, so keep your eyes open :-) 

This product(s) was gifted to me by my lovely mom.

What do you think about the Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar? Are you excited about all the upcoming nail posts in December? Have you picked up a beauty advent calendar? :-)
Love, Christine♥


  1. I'm so excited about December and having a little treat every day - such luxury and fantastic start to every day :O). Xx

  2. @Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt Yeah, I agree. So excited to see which shades that are hiding behind each hatch. Are you picking up a beauty advent calendar this year? :-) x

  3. Can you tell me if the colors are different from those in the 2012 set? I would love to send it to my daughter again-- but not if they are the same… thank you!

  4. @Anonymous The colors are different from last year :-)


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