Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fashion Haul Post: Gina Tricot, Cubus & Nelly

Hey everyone :)
I have a fashion haul to share with you guys tonight. I went to the mall with my mom on Tuesday, and I picked up a few goodies for the Fall. I also placed an order on Nelly, because they were having a huge sale, so I thought I would include those items in this post as well. Let's get this haul post started :)

 ♥ Sweater from Nelly. 

 ♥ Sweater from Cubus. 

 ♥ Sweater from Nelly. 

 ♥ Top from Gina Tricot. 

 ♥ Boots from Nelly. 

♥ Nude Heels from Nelly. 

I'm really excited about all the items that I picked up, and I can't wait to put together some cute outfits and share them with you guys. It looks like I might have to return the nude shoes which is really sad, because they look so beautiful. I normally don't like to buy shoes from Nelly, because they always seem to be way too big for me. I'm just happy that the black boots fit, because I think that they are going to look so cool for the Fall, what do you think? :)

What do you think about the items that I picked up? Have you picked up any new clothes lately? Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. Great haul, hun! I love the nude heels and the mint green jumper. I've been looking for a jumper like this for such a long time and I can't seem to find one that I like; this one is perfect :) xx

  2. The sweater from Cubus is gorgeous xxx!

  3. @Ysis Souza Thank you :) I love the nude heels, so sad that they don't fit me. I'm obsessed with this mint sweater, its perfect for the fall. I hope you can find something similar online :)

  4. @Reb Mintoff Yeah, I really love it and I'm obsessed with everything mint haha :D

  5. Hey girly.. Omg it's been a while since I stopped by your blog... Everything that you got is gorgeous I especially love the things from Nelly : )

  6. The sweater from Cubus is so pretty, I like that colour a lot and the nude heels with the rose gold tips are so glamorous. You got yourself really nice things, you have awesome taste!!! xx

  7. Hjertegenseren og bootsene var det jeg likte best her. Så fine ;)


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