Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NYX Cosmetics: Makeup Remover, Brush, Ridge Filler Base Coat & Concealer

Each December my mom surprises me with an Advent Calendar. This year she let me pick out a few products from Cherry Culture that I have been wanting to try out for a while. Since I haven't opened them yet (they are lying under my little Christmas tree) I cant share them with you but I managed to order some extra products to play around with which I really want to share with you tonight :)

♥ Makeup Remover With Green Tea Extract.

This is a makeup remover and cleansing oil in one infused with green tea extract, mineral oils, Vitamin A and E to moisturize and condition the skin. It says on the product description that this removes the heaviest and most resistant makeup which is very interesting and one of the reasons why I decided to order it.

Im currently using cosmetic wipes to remove my face and eye makeup. I find cosmetic wipes to be a little harsh on my eyes so Im hoping this is a good alternative :) You can find this product here.

♥ Ridge Filler Base Coat.

This is a calcium-rish base coat that reinforces nail strenght as it fills in ridges and smoothes rough surfaces for perfectly painted nails. This product is supposed to give you stronger, smoother and healthier nails. Its also supposed to give you a more even nail polish application.

Im loving the Advanced Salon Formula nail polishes from NYX. When I saw that they also had Nail Treatment products available from the same line, I got super curious and decided to order this Ridge Filler Base Coat. I have never tried a ridge filler before so Im very excited to see how it will look :) You can find this product here.

♥ HD Photogenic Concealer.

This concealer is supposed to cover-up obscures imperfections, discoloration and under eye circles without looking cakey or obvious. Its mineral-enriched, talc free, paraben free and it gives a medium to heavy coverage.

I have been looking for new concealer with good coverage for a while now so Im very excited to try this out and see how I like it. This is on sale for only $4.50 at Cherry Culture if anyone is interested in checking it out. Im probably not the only girl who are on a hunt for a new concealer to try out, am I right? :) You can find this product here.

♥ B10 Blender Eye Brush.

You can find a new line of improved professional makeup brushes from NYX on Cherry Culture, everything from contouring to shaping, fro darkening to highlighting.

Makeup brushes is something I really love trying out, especially eye brushes. I would much rather invest a little amount of money on a good brush/set than a really cheap brush that wont do a good job. The Studio Line brushes from Elf Cosmetics are the only ''cheap'' brushes I have tried that I highly recommend. They are super soft and do a great job :) You can find this product here.

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Have you tried any of these products before? Do you have a favorite product from NYX? :)
Love, Christine


  1. wow i had no idea nyx offered products like these.. can't wait for your thorough reviews on these! and your mom is so sweet for doing that <3

  2. I really wanna try out some of their brushes! I always love finding inexpensive ones that work just the same as the more expensive ones!

  3. @Donna ♥ Baby NYX have so many different products, you should check out Cherry Culture :) <3

  4. @Miranda Yeah, you should definitely check out NYX brushes. I have only tried this one and its good :)

  5. I am waiting for your take on the concealer :) Nice picks! x

  6. HD concealeren til NYX er kjempegod :) Vet du om det er parabener i den sminkefjerneren? jeg er på jakt etter en parabenfri sminkefjerner, men det er ikke så lett å finne :/

  7. Wow..I was eyeing the base coat. :D I'm gonna get that.

  8. i love nyx jumbo pencil in milk

  9. @peneperler Det er desverre parabener i denne sminkefjerneren fra NYX :/

    Jeg vet at L'Occitane har parabenfrie produkter, her er link til sminkefjerneren deres: http://www.loccitane.no/eye-make-up-remover-gel,18,2,14380,82050.htm :)

  10. @Sara.H Thanks Sara. Im going to do a review on it :)

  11. I loved d way u arranged ur nail polishes :D ANd u uk so pretty in the display pic :)


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