Saturday, December 14, 2013


 ♥ Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Party Shoes. 

♥ Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Party Shoes.

 Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Party Shoes is a pretty gold nail polish with dual glitter. It's very easy to apply! The glitter goes on very smooth and evenly on the nails. The consistency is quite thin, which makes the application a little easier as well. Party Shoes is actually quite easy to remove, because it doesn't have that gritty texture that most glitter nail polishes have. It literally feels like I'm not wearing any glitter on my nails, which is pretty awesome! :-)

I absolutely love Party Shoes! You can wear it on it's own, or you can use it as a top coat over your favorite nail polishes. I think Party Shoes would look very pretty on top off a light pink shade like Essie Fiji or Zoya Bela. What do you think? :-)

Party Shoes is available at BeautyBay for $13.90, HERE is the link if you are interested. PS: There are only a few bottles left!

What do you think about Party Shoes? What is your opinion on glitter nail polishes? How often do you wear them? :-) Love, Christine♥


  1. I actually really love party shoes and I think it looks especially pretty by itself. Photos just don't do it justice! :)

    Take a look at my review of the last 3 days of Mini Mani Month:

    I don't want this advent calendar to end, it's so nice waking up to a different nail polish each day :)

  2. @Mel D Yeah, Party Shoes is a really nice glitter polish. Such a pretty shade for the holiday :-)

    Yay, will check out your review. Me too, wish it didn't have to end. LOL :-) x


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